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7 investments in your 20's that will change your life



The Static Self

  • Unfocused on change by living the same way as yesterday

  • The static self is when a person's bank account has a high and low point that stays the same as time goes on

  • Net worth is stagnant when a person doesn't build positive financial habits


The Becoming Self

  • Focused on change by raising standards

  • The becoming self is when the high and low points of a person's bank account balance raises as time goes on

  • Net worth is pointed in an upward position when a person builds their first passive income stream

What You Must Know

  • We use Nobel Prize winning portfolios

  • We take advantage of dividend growth and compound interest

  • We uncover the timeless investing techniques used by Graham, Buffett, Lynch, and Bogle


  • Enroll in the course

  • Implement the long-term investing model

  • Check your personalized monthly investment report

High school and college institutions produce good employees... not employers. Outrival and Dan Sarver want you to be the CEO of your life.


Dan's investing blueprint has worked for over 1000 postgraduates, averaging a 27% yearly ROI (before taxes). 100+ students have left reviews that average a 4.8/5 star overall rating on Amazon, Goodreads, and Google. 7 Investments In Your 20s was featured in Fox News, CNBC News, and CBS News because it helps people in their 20s build tangible wealth.

Dan Sarver is not a master investor, nor does he claim to be (humans are always learning and working to implement the best system). Buffett, Bogle, Graham, and Lynch are the investing legends who have laid the foundation for all investors alike.


Spending over 10,000 hours reading, analyzing, implementing, and testing the investing strategies of the masters, we found an investing strategy that works for most people in their 20s.

Our free training gives you the skills, systems, and automations to invest successfully in the Stock Market with minimal resistance. 

In bull markets, it's not impressive to see positive ROI. But in bear markets, making profits are extremely important to your long-term growth. That's why Warren Buffett famously said, "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." 

Join the hundreds of 20-year-olds who have signed up for Dan's investment course, implemented the done-for-you systems, made thousands of dollars, and beat average market returns!

Dan Sarver Reviews

Mona P.

Seven of the best investment tools for young people who want to taste financial freedom.

Dan Sarver Reviews

Tyzer Evans

More people in their 20s need to hear practical advice on how to invest and why it is important. This book it is a must for everyone in their 20's.

Dan Sarver Reviews

Jarrett L.

 Financial success has always been a goal of mine and now that I have read this book, I know exactly what to do.

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