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The Collapse of Traditional Education

I received my high school diploma in the top 13% of my graduating class. As a student with a 3.8 GPA with basically a full-ride to a private university in Southern California, I was ready to take on the college experience.

I was told by friends and family that going to college was the only way I could have a successful life. I would do four years of intense study and then come out reborn with a bachelor's degree that would open up the doors to a flourishing career. But, what they don't tell you (and you can't really blame them because they don't know any better) is that 41% of recent grads work jobs that don't require degrees (ex. food delivery, receptionist, factory worker, etc). More astonishing, 53% of recent college graduates are unemployed (surveyed in Jan. 2021). 

If you are repetitively told that intelligent, happy, and successful people get a college degree, you will believe a college degree is your only chance at having a good life. 

There are many problems with the university system, but the #1 reason why college fails so many people is not what they are teaching.. but how they are teaching it.

What is the Most Effective Way to Learn New Material?

Everyone learns differently. 

Let's look at a student who receives straight A's in school. She can read textbooks and memorize facts and figures with ease. Her memorization style of learning is spot on for answering multiple-choice exams. Her learning method is flawless when submitting a final exam essay where professors look for keywords.

Her style of learning follows the school system's learning method, so it's no wonder why she gets straight A's. 

Dan Sarver Traditional Education

Take a look at the image below and you will find a similarity between a straight A student and the monkey 

Dan Sarver what school doesnt teach you

When someone's learning style complements the pathway to success, in the student's case memorizing textbook answers or a monkey climbing a tree, succeeding in that environment is a breeze. 

Most people, however, learn by experience and doing the real thing. 

While straight-A students can remember things by just reading them, most of us need to do the real thing in order to commit it to memory. Because of those differences, Dan has created courses, audiobooks, and handheld blueprints that show you how to do the real thing.​

Create a long-term passive income stream that makes money while you travel the world, leave a dead-end job, and be your epic self. I can go on and on but I'll let the course do the talking...

Successful Investing In Your 20's

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